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Boost Productivity With A Custom Industrial Planetary Mixer

The Only Planetary Mixer of Its Type Designed and Manufactured in America for Incredible Quality and Performance.

Unbeatable Mixing Power

A planetary mixer is an industrial mixer famous for its fast mix time and aggressive mixing action. It produces a unique ‘counter current’ motion that results in a quality homogeneous mix.

These industrial concrete mixers speed up production and save your company money, time, and labor. Our planetary mixers are available in a wide range of specifications, capacities, and models to suit your production needs.

We craft your customized planetary mixer to the highest standard to ensure maximum return on your investment. Find out how Voeller planetary mixers will be a game-changer for your production.

Low Profile

The planetary mixer’s low profile allows for greater flexibility in plant layout and design, especially in hard-to-fit applications. The motor is side-mounted to allow for easy access for maintenance and servicing. The planetary mixer drive train features a V-belt system for ultimate performance and ease of maintenance.

Center Hub

At the heart of the planetary mixer is the central hub designed to deliver a seamless mixing cycle. The center hub enables a faster mixer discharge compared to mixers with no center hub. The result is a flawless mix in under a minute.

Aggressive Mixing Action

Large mixing paddles and mixing stars result in a an aggressive counter current mixing action. The innovative combination of the center hub and the inner and outer scraper blades provide a continuous mix. This system eliminates the chance for dead spots and ensures an efficient homogeneous mix throughout.


How It Works

Step 1: Get in Touch

Contact us by calling 262.284.3114 in the US or email to ask about our planetary mixer options and which one would best suit your application.

Step 2: Choose Your Planetary Mixer Specs

We explain the various specifications, capacities, models, and applications to determine the best planetary mixer for you. We customize your mixer to ensure that it meets your exact production needs.

Step 3: Get Your Custom Planetary Mixer

We’ll manufacture your custom planetary mixer to your specifications and deliver it in no time. You’ll see an improvement in productivity with this efficient concrete mixer from Voeller.

Planetary Mixer Pricing

Our planetary mixers are custom designed to provide excellent efficiency and a great return. Get in touch for an estimate on an industrial planetary mixer that will suit your production needs.

Get Started & Improve Your Productivity

Save time and money with improved efficiency in production with a customized planetary mixer. The ultimate mixer you can count on. Get in touch to find out more.