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Powerful Industrial Cyclo Pan Mixers for Any Operation-The Heart of the Batching System

Get a powerful, industrial cyclo pan mixer that delivers consistent quality for any operation. For more information, contact Voeller Mixers.

Get a Proven Performing Pan-style Concrete and Glass Mixer

Our pan mixers have been proven performers for over 50 years. They are built to last in even the most demanding conditions and offer consistent results whether you work with wet or dry materials. We offer customization options for those hard-to-fit applications.

Low Profile

The cyclo pan mixer’s low profile allows for greater flexibility in plant layout and design, especially in hard-to-fit applications. The motor is side-mounted to allow for easy access for maintenance and servicing. The cyclo pan mixer drive train features a V-belt system for ultimate performance and ease of maintenance.

Center Hub

At the heart of the cyclo pan mixer is the central hub designed to deliver a seamless mixing cycle. The center hub enables a faster mixer discharge compared to mixers with no center hub.

Aggressive Mixing Action

The large mixing paddles result in an agressive mixing action. The innovative combination of the center hub and the inner and outer scraper blades provide a continuous mix. This system eliminates the chance for dead spots and ensures an efficient homogeneous mix throughout.


Why Choose Us for All Your Pan Mixing Needs?

We manufacture all our mixers in Port Washington, Wisconsin, U.S.A. This gives you the benefits of quick response time and reliability helping you to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. We have been around for more than 50 years, offering a range of equipment with exceptional product support and proven performance. Our expert team can help you get your project done right. We offer:

Exceptional Customer Service

Our staff is fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the best customer service possible. You will always get a quick response when you contact us with your questions. We are dedicated to helping you get the mixer to suit your needs.

Large Inventory of Parts

We have an exceptionally large inventory available and can ship most parts to you within 24 hours after receiving your order. Our parts sales staff is extremely knowledgeable and responsive.

On-Site Assistance

At Voeller Mixers, we understand that when you need help, you need it right away. That’s why we have a knowledgeable, experienced staff waiting to assist you so your operations won’t be delayed. When the situation demands on-site assistance, we are there. A knowledgeable service technician will help diagnose any problem and get to work providing the fix.

How Much Do Cyclo Pan Mixers Cost?

If you are looking for an affordable mixer for your production facility that doesn’t lack in quality and value, you found it. We design our mixers to improve your productivity and provide a great return on investment.

Talk to an expert today to find the right option for you.

Get Quality Mixing Solutions

Whether you need a glass mixer or a concrete mixer, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get a quality pan mixer at competitive pricing.