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No Steam, No Moisture: Agtherm Aggregate Heating Systems

Voeller Mixers provides hot air aggregate heating systems for projects of all sizes. Eliminate ice and moisture from your material today.

Agtherm – Aggregate Heating Equipment for Concrete Batching

The quality of your finished product is affected by factors such as temperature and moisture content. Our aggregate heating systems offer an economical solution for controlling and improving these variables.

With our aggregate heating systems, frozen materials can be thawed and heated during the winter for use. You won’t have to worry about material flow issues due to frozen materials any longer.

Voeller Mixers designs and manufactures heating systems with quality materials. Our aggregate heating systems are created to operate trouble-free for many years to come!

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our aggregate heating systems.


Our aggregate heating system thaws frozen fine and course aggregates using dry heat. As a result, the aggregates maintain their quality and consistency because no additional moisture is introduced in the thawing process.

concrete aggregate heating systems


There are many benefits to heating aggregate for concrete with hot air. Concrete can be kept in spec with the right temperatures. Your operation will be more efficient, allowing you to reduce costs overall.

As an added benefit, your employees will be safer—no more climbing to beat bins in order to get material to flow.

Keep your concrete aggregate flowing throughout the winter with an aggregate heater from Voeller Mixers!

Our Process

concrete aggregate heating systems

Step One: Get in Touch With Us

Get in touch with us today at 262-284-3114. Let us help guide you through the process and answer all your questions about our aggregate heating systems.

Step Two: Planning and Design

We’ll discuss your needs and ensure you get the right aggregate heating system for your operation. If you need help with customizations, our engineers can assist you.

Step Three: Custom Build

Our equipment is built according to your specifications in terms of size, capacity, and customization. With your Voeller Mixers aggregate heater, you can produce high-quality, durable concrete all year long.

Why Choose Voeller Mixers?

Concrete, mining, refractory brick, glass, and manufacturing industries use Voeller Mixers quality and durable products. All of our equipment is safe and efficient, ensuring our customers can rely on it year after year.

Our products are made here in the USA by experienced engineers. In addition, our equipment is customized for your needs.

Do you have any questions about our aggregate heating systems or custom batch plants? Our support team is available to help when you need us! Get in touch with our team today at 262-284-3114 to learn more.

Contact Us for a Hot Air Aggregate Heating System

Get the concrete aggregate heating system you need for your custom batching plant from Voeller Mixers. Give us a call today at 262-284-3114 or fill out our quick online form to get started.

concrete aggregate heating systems