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The flexibility of design of the V-Batch system precisely meets the needs of each individual customer.

The many features of the V-Batch system are all designed to increase productivity and reduce the costs of operation.

The control system is state-of-the-art and flexible, permitting a large number of mix designs. It features a color touch screen interface, redundant safety mechanisms, printing of customized batch tickets, and fast service/troubleshooting via an online connection.

The V-Batch has the ability to weigh all of the aggregates at once, which causes the material to be pre-blended before reaching the mixer, substantially reducing the batch cycle time. The system can be configured to weigh the aggregate at the hoppers or on a weigh belt--flexibility of design is one of the key features of the V-Batch system.

Turbine vibrators on the cement batcher and sand bins operate quieter and require less air volume, than ball or piston type vibrators.

Pulse jet dust collectors on the silo use top accessible filter cartridges rather than bags making replacement much simpler. With a convenient on/off switch, the dust collector can be turned on only when required.

Aggregate storage bins are self-supported, requiring no additional foundation work for installation.