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Voeller, the manufacturer of the original Mud-Jack, brings you an exiting new design.  It’s the all-hydraulic H-200 Mud-Jack a completely self-contained system that saves time and restores your sunken concrete slab to its original grade faster and with less disruption than ever before.

This H-200 Mud-Jack system eliminates the hazard and potential liability problems of sunken slabs quickly.  You don’t have the high cost, delays or the inconvenience encountered with the reconstruction process.

The H-200’s compact size enables you to set-up, charge, mix and pump material with greater ease and speed than has been possible.  The end result is firm, solid base that extends the useable life of concrete construction without any appreciable down-time and at a reasonable cost.  The system can be used to raise concrete slabs on streets, bridge approaches, curbs, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, garage and basement floors…anywhere slab has slipped due to the settling of base materials.

Exceptional Hydraulic Efficiency

The H-200 is an all-hydraulic machine. There are no mechanical drive parts to service and maintain or create problems that slow projects.  The hydraulic system has been provided with a remote variable speed control.  A convenient, hand held, electric, dead man control switch on a 30 foot cable permits you to vary the speed of the pumping piston (0 to 13 strokes per minute)- high speed to fill voids and low speed for final lifting.  The maximum output is approximately 225 cu. Ft. per hour.

Compact, Clean Design

The Voeller H-200 has been designed to make servicing easy.  There is ample working space for making engine checks, inspection of the hydraulic system functions.  You’ll like the open design and how easy it is to keep the machine clean.

High Performance Mud Pump and Cylinder

A high-performance variable speed mud pump is used in the H-200.  It has a single piston with rubber piston ring and shims, inlet valve and 500 cubic inch nickel-lined mud chamber.

Thorough Mixing Makes Mud-Jacking Easier

The H-200 has a paddle-type mixer that provides continuous flow through mixing.  Its 54” long, 16” wide, 24” deep material hopper keeps the charging routine easy and simple.  Mixing shaft has sealed anti-friction bearings, independent packing glands and replaceable mixing blades.

Voeller H-200 Mud-Jack Specifications


Approximate Weight:   4,900 lbs

Engine:   35 hp, air-cooled gasoline engine with electric start.

Mixer:     Paddle type.  Mixing shaft has sealed anti-friction bearings, independent glands and replaceable mixing blades.

Discharge System:    Self-cleaning, floating ball type valve.  25’ x 3” discharge hose with 2 ½” diameter discharge nozzle and operator’s platform.

Operating Control: Remote, variable speed control.  12 volt electric hand-held dead man type control with 30’ of cable.

Flexible Coupling: Connects engine and hydraulic system.  Has neoprene inserts.  Absorbs shock loading.

Gas Tank:  13 gallons

Tires:  Two LT235/85R16 10-ply rated, suitable for towing at highway speeds.

Brakes:  Mechanically actuated hydraulic surge type with automatic breakaway with safety chains.

Towing Tongue:  Has 3” lunette eye and leveling jack.

Water System: Self priming 40 gpm water pump powered by 6gpm hydraulic motor, piping, operating valve and hoses, 25’x 1 ¼ “ water suction hose and strainer.


Pump: 24 gpm piston type.

Motor: 10 gpm-operates mixer shaft.

Cylinder: Heavy-duty type- easily removable along with mud piston assembly by pulling pivot pin.

Reservoir Capacity: 110 gallons.

Relief Valve: Non-adjustable relief valve preset to bypass at 1500 psi.

Filtration: Return and suction line oil filters with replaceable elements.

Mud Pump: Single 10 ½” stroke piston.  Cylinder has 7 7/8” bore, 500 cubic inch displacement.  Nickel-lined mud chamber.


  • Two-way valve and operating parts for two hose operation
  • Additional mud hose: 25’ x 3” hose connecting parts
  • Electric hour meter
  • Extra control cable for control box
  • Special paint


Voeller Hydraulic H-20 Mud-Jack

The Voeller H-20 is small capacity Mud-Jack that movers up to 4 cubic yards of material per hour.  It has a highly efficient, 8hp air-cooled gasoline engine and uses a 6 gpm pump that supplies oil at 1500 psi pressure to operate the on/off valve, stroke speed valve and pumping piston.  Speed is manually variable.


Dimensions and weight

Height: 55 inches
Width: 25 ¼ inches
Length: 70 inches
Charging Height: 35 inches
Hopper Capacity: 5 cubic feet (approx.)
Weight: 500 lbs (approx.)