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“Voeller came in with a very nice plant system that promised us a consistency of mix, efficiency and speed and that was all the things we needed to move forward in this industry…”
“If someone else was out there looking for a mixer, I would tell them to buy a Voeller system. It far exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with our choice right now. We spent several years researching, had numerous proposals, and we made the right decision…” ---Wylie Hill, President, J.E. Hill Precast, Leesburg, Florida

“I think this will probably pay for itself in two to three years. And that’s a considerable amount of money. Where we were pouring 60 pieces a day before, now we’re pouring 90 plus, and the labor savings are going to be tremendous… ” ---Joe Hill, CEO, J.E. Hill Precast, Leesburg, Florida